Makeup is art, your face is the canvas, and your vanity is your studio - it should be inspiring.

Shadow Rack® Cosmetic Organizers are a new way to store, manage and display your makeup! The Racks simply tack onto the wall and link together.

Shadow Racks bring innovation to makeup organization. They are wall-mountable, linkable and custom fit to display the industry's hottest brands.  This is not just another shelf, box or bag. It's a modular, bespoke storage system.
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The ultimate goal of makeup storage is to be able to see the things that you have, so you can have fun with the new and shiny stuff, but also be reminded to dip into older favorites and get the most out of your investment. In acrylic organizers and drawers it’s still easy for things to go mentally missing (out of sight out of mind). That’s why we created Shadow Rack organizers, that can utilize wall space to beautifully display makeup collections.
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About Us

Shadow Racks are meticulously designed from concept to completion by my husband and I (mainly my husband Joe, who is a professional Industrial Designer). I, Michelle, a graphic designer, do marketing and conceptual consulting. We are located in the beautiful PNW, have two sons, and two cats.

Shadow Racks began in 2017 when I came home to a stunning surprise. Joe had designed a new organization system for my potted eye shadows. Before Shadow Racks I would glue magnets to the back of each shadow and stick them on a large stainless steel board, which was too big to fit anywhere in my bathroom (not enough wall space) so it was just leaning between the wall and my sink. When I came home to see all of my eye shadows neatly tucked in a grid along the side of my bathroom mirror, I was blown away and had to share them with the world. My sister posted a picture to a Facebook group and the response was wild, but I already knew we had something special.

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